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I am a painter and marketing professional living and working in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I am a goal-oriented person with a passion for building things whether it is a great website, a campaign, product messaging, a painting, a pot or a meal. My bliss is in building functional things that solve problems.

My Marketing Experience

• Strategic marketing management professional. 18 years’ experience leading marketing and creative development in both agency and client environments.

• Management of marketing initiatives ranging from national campaigns to large-scale technical implementations; CRM, Marketing Automation and Adobe Experience Manager.

• Strategic leadership of content creation from positioning and messaging to multi-channel content development.

• Expert in the technical, conceptual and content development of sales-driving collateral.

• Respected team leader. Able to lead diverse cross-functional teams; business stakeholders, creative and IT teams.

• Life-long learner and amateur behavioural scientist.



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